OnDemand Webinar:

Learning Expert Britt Andreatta Covers The Brain Science Behind VR & Immersive Learning Experiences

Did you know that the brain encodes experiences in VR as if it were a truly lived memory? 

Immediately this brings to question how, and why is this so? What does that mean for organizations who are looking to leverage immersive training experiences like VR in their organizations?

Todays research proves that the answers to those questions lie in the brain and specifically the science behind how the brain learns. During this webinar, Britt Andreatta, author of Wired to Grow 2.0 and former CLO of Lynda.com explains how training can be optimized to build long term memories that stick and as a result drive better business efficiencies. Rachel Lanham, COO of Pixvana, also outlines why VR is uniquely suited to the pursuit of learning and proven to increase retention and recall on the job.

The webinar will cover:

  • How memories work – the 3-phase model of learn, do, remember
  • The 7 different memory types and why episodic and semantic connect to immersive learning experiences
  • The unique ‘Superpowers’ of VR and the power of repetition and failure
  • Storytelling elements that engage the brain
  • What training scenarios make the most sense for VR
  • How to get started with brain-based immersive learning


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