Workplace Safety Training In XR

Learn situational awareness and life-saving strategies in VR

Developed in partnership Alexo the XR training experience features its founder, Drew Hancock, a Seattle police officer and SWAT Supervisor with more than 25 years of law enforcement experience. Through the training, Hancock teaches key decision-making strategies and simulates life-saving tactics for your employees.

The course includes Interactive quizzes during and after the program that highlight the following:

  • Learn the most common warning signs, what to do, and stereotypes
  • Learn effective safety concepts:
    • O.O.D.A. (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act)
    • A.B.C. (Avoid, Barricade, Combat)  also known as Run, Hide, Fight
  • Experience virtual simulations of active shooter scenarios in different locations to practice safety concepts

"We hope that through this experience, we can better prepare employees for situations, help them make quicker decisions, and potentially save lives" - Rachel Lanham, COO of Pixvana

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