Custom Solutions to Support Your Business

Pixvana SPIN Studio is enterprise ready. As a SPIN Studio Enterprise Partner, your business will receive end-to-end solutions for publishing and playing 360/VR video content. SPIN Enterprise supports customized integrations, ensuring that you will deliver the best possible quality experience to your viewers.

  • Content Management System: With support for Cable Labs / Movie Labs XML data standard, SPIN can support advanced data flows for media companies.
  • Account Authentication: Enterprise features can be separated to make features and customization available only to specific users and partners.
  • Flexible Media Delivery: Encoding output can be moved securely to your streaming infrastructure with current support for Amazon AWS S3 Storage, Akamai NetStorage and more.
  • Security: Security protocols with custom storage pools and segregated infrastructure can be implemented to meet enterprise security standards.
  • Encoding: Variable encoding profiles and ladders to meet your streaming needs, optimizing for quality and bandwidth.

“Pixvana’s SPIN SDK has been a great asset in our efforts to empower VR content creators and provide an integrated solution for experiencing linear VR content on Steam."

-Sean Jenkin, Valve

Multiplatform Support

SPIN Studio lets you deploy content across multiple channels to reach a broader audience. The free SDK supports Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Android, PC, PSVR, Web, iOS, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, Cardboard, and Windows MR devices on top of Unity.